About Us

Ryan Tinch


Ryan B. Tinch founded Hollis Bloom in 2012. He is responsible for the company’s developments, acquisitions, asset management & growth. Known for his vision, determination, and creativity, Mr. Tinch’s distinguished track record in real estate commenced in 2000 exclusively representing Walmart across the state of Texas for over seventeen years. Prior to founding Hollis Bloom, Mr. Tinch was Vice President at the Stainback Organization following a decade at United Commercial Realty (now CBRE.) He received his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of North Texas.

Brooke Tinch

Marketing Manager

With an extensive marketing and public relations background, Brooke’s career has run the gamut.  Her creative spirit, strong visual sense and excellent writing skills make her a valuable team member.  With a history of surpassing objectives and forward thinking initiatives, Brooke’s team-oriented mentality has lead to successful partnerships with an array highly satisfied clients.  After 11 years of running a successful marketing and PR firm with offices in Dallas and Chicago, Brooke founded Keen Willow to bring vision and creativity to clients on a national level.


Mark Lowe

IT Systems Manager

Mark came to Hollis Bloom in 2011 where he is able to make use of his many and varied talents to manage IT systems. He also develops innovative software to bring together data from various external systems to identify potential real estate sites for purchase and to automate time-consuming human processes. This provides a competitive edge to Hollis Bloom by allowing them to make more timely decisions and to identify good potential investments as quickly as possible.

Irvin Parcon

Web Developer & Social Media Manager

Irvin is a web designer, front-end web developer, and Graphics Designer with over ten years of professional experience in the design industry. He specializes in creating custom websites for small businesses – focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development. He is the key for the business in expressing and bringing their vision to an interactive platform that forwards into reality.
He is also an experienced Social Media Manager whose expertise is creating, implementing and optimizing social media strategy for companies and brands being relentlessly focused on generating new revenue by boosting their online presence through the use of different social media platforms.