Hollis Bloom


Why Hollis Bloom?

In today’s ever-changing and fast paced business world, streamlining a business for optimal results is a necessity. For this reason, there are innumerable benefits to having a Facilities Management Service monitor a business. From Facility Services and building maintenance, to vendor support and operational compliance, a Facilities Management company is crucial in keeping a business running smoothly and efficiently to maintain employee comfort and reduce overhead costs. 

Though they are too many to name, here are 3 key benefits to having a Facilities Management company monitor your business.


The old adage “the best offense is a good defense” applies here. In fact, in 2022, about 44% of unexpected downtime is caused by old equipment. If a facility does routine checks on their maintenance, repairs, and day-to-day operations, potential issues are found and addressed before they’re allowed to become full scale problems. With a Facilities Management company monitoring equipment, business owners can focus on their daily operations without the worry of a machine breaking down and wreaking havoc on the workflow. 

Cost Saving

Operating smoothly is pivotal to the success of any business, and by doing so, overhead costs will be reduced annually. However, the average company spends 21%-40% of their operating budget on cleaning alone, and even higher if having to do costly reactive repairs. If a facility is running with streamlined, optimal efficiency, the overhead costs of maintaining a facility will decrease. There will be no more “surprise” gaps in production and operations. If a facility addresses the problems before they start, downtime due to repairs will drastically be reduced.

Employee Satisfaction 

It’s necessary to have a productive and efficient facility so employee needs can be addressed. In fact, 63% of workers are not satisfied with their employment due to facility related issues. If a Facilities Management company is involved in making sure employees are comfortable and safe, there will be less stress on performing their duties. This will increase morale and productivity, which will benefit the company in the long term. 

Keep in mind that these are just 3 ways in which a Facilities Services team will benefit a business. If you’re interested in how Hollis Bloom Facilities Management can help maintain and grow your facility, contact us today